Tuesday, May 26

odd night

as i woke up i remember seeing someone standing at my door and thought my brother was lying in my bed and instantly justified my utterance with "i screamed because i knew you were in my bed but i saw someone at the door, and didn't think that was possible". i was somewhat humiliated that i had done such a thing so felt i needed to say this, but if i was in my usual waking state i would have just thought it to be funny. upon asking jamie, during the day, whether any of this had a shred of truth to what actually happened he just replied "it's funny what sleep does to people". but he was jesting folks, i had said that to him and he was in my bed!

the facts: him and his friend had come into my room while i was in my slumber and had screamed, i then replied with a ghastly, shrill scream and they then hit the lights to witness my confused face. while sleeping i had actually screamed back and then woke up. it felt really weird now i think about it! i wasn't coherent while 'awake' either, i was just there.

also, i had some reaaaaaaal trippy dreams. one of them was about me being late, unprepared and incorrectly dressed for two important a-level examinations. i experienced such incredible feelings of guilt and helplessness as i had just ruined my chances of getting into university. i was so relieved when i awoke and realised that none of it was true. i suppose that it was an indicator that i should commence some worthy revision while i still have the opportunity to.

another member of the rem-adventures from last night included my cat pooping multiple times, and in high quantities! i don't think this has much meaning to my actual life, but it was still strange. there was also an eerie episode consisting some girl which was like under the complete control of her dad, and i had to like cross her over into other situations by my imagination - strange.

and now time for probably one of the most epic dreams i've ever tagged along with! i'll keep it brisk though, as i want to go to sleep sort of.. now. anyway, i was a journalist and was in the middle east at some conference and suddenly terrorists hijacked the place and began releasing huge spherical rocks from the roof of the hall. i dodged them while pretending to be dead as much as possible, so not be attacked. i made a dash for the exit with a mattress i had now acquired and managed to make it through. i was now also through the perimeter fence but then heard reports that ninjas guarded the forest outside. however, they never managed to prevent me from making my escape.

this was some big news item that this place was holding people hostage - and i had got free! suddenly the world was almost infinitely small, it only took a few steps until i was in sudan. the world was not actually small as such, more than the size of each countries land had become less, everything else was still normal proportions though. i then encountered some low-lying high-power electrical cables and walked into one by mistake, i was shocked. i then heard that apparently as someone from the conference was found dead on these wires that it proved the hostage-situation was an inside job, and there was some sort of conspiracy associated with it, or something along those lines. i saw a group of drunk teenagers caught on the lines too and one of them was dying. pretty bad! there were english style houses in the background on a hill too, it was like a little section of the countryside, especially with the drunk kids.

at this point i think i was a woman, i then met up with my family. there a wall next to me, and this represented 'the edge of the world'. there was nothing beyond that point. me and my 'family' started walking and it was as if we were fugitives. we saw a greek style town at the bottom of a hill and we ventured down to see what the deal was. they fired arrows at us! we scaled back up the hill to hide in bushes and heard dirt bikes and mopeds drive past the road looking for us.

after they had passed we kept walking along The Wall. and a helicopter began attacking us, we also became aware that the grandfather of the family was missing. i recognised the pattern of his hat though, and realised we were standing on his hat, he had become a giant! i somehow grabbed the body of the 'copter and destroyed the blades against The Wall. the pilot and others came out and they were like these hench people in solid-coloured suits, like something out of a futuristic sci-fi. there were these balloons attached by string which was apparently the 'god' of this world and i attempted to pop them but couldn't reach, so failed.

weird, eh?

recycle x

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  1. This has to be one of the best post ive ever read.
    My fav part "at this point i think i was a woman"
    Im linking this to my next post ^ ^